Our approach at Scenic Blue Design is to provide you with a unique personnel and asset increasing garden. After all is a time of high excitement buckled with a degree of nerves along with uncertainty as to what design will pop out. It is for this reason and many more we have put in place a tried and tested step by step approach. After all this journey is yours with us being permitted to be in a funny way part of your life for the short time.


Straight of the bat, we at Scenic Blue Design will come over to your home at a time convenient to discuss exactly what you`re after. During this very casual chat we start there and then to look at your existing home, garden as this allows us to start creating in our minds eye while listening to the elements that are important to you along with elements that might be giving you difficulty etc. as we need to understand your vision. Other elements we will discuss are colour, styles, atmosphere, hobbies and social life etc. It is so important to be able to grab as many pieces of your jigsaw to help us to help you gain your unique garden outdoor setting/picture you are seeking.  We at Scenic Blue Design pride ourselves on designing your setting and not a ‘I’ve seen that before’ setting

you with ideas that will deliver it.


What is a concept design? At Scenic Blue Design, our belief is this is a document created to scale from the outset. Without scale we are unable to provide accuracy in outcome, cost, quality etc etc. Our team shall return to your garden to spend time to really understand ‘how it ticks’, current materials, plantings, surrounding developments etc whilst having your desired list sitting firmly on our shoulders. Without this methodical visit we are unable to treat your garden as if ours with your check list. We also want to understand the soil conditions and may need to engage a registered surveyor to support the design. From this we start the exiting journey of creating the conceptual design. This concept will be provided to you firstly as a scaled sketch and presented to you for comment. We want to envelope you into this journey from the start. Upon agreement of the sketch, the final concept is generated. If felt necessary, we shall present to you a set of 3D imagery to further help get you into our minds eye. From this we are able to generate the next step.


Construction and dimensional drawings are produced by the team within Scenic Blue Design so that we all have a very clear understanding of the structural specifications, quantities, design footprint, drainage requirements, materials, planting, soil types and lighting needs etc. On completion/presentation of your detailed construction documentation you are now in a position to approach step 2 below.

Step 2 – Project Design management / Council specification

To help you with the possible daunting task of ‘How do we know we have the right structural landscape company’, ‘Have we got the right permissions in place with your local council, Rural Fire Service through to the correct Structural Engineers detailing’ ‘What if I change my mind during the live stage and want to introduce a slightly different aspect to the design’ etc etc.

We at Scenic Blue Design will continue to hold your hand with this and more. Our team brings to you a system of:

  • Introduction to tried and tested Structural landscape Companies
  • Presentation of the project with you on our wing to the landscape companies
  • Implementation of a tendering system
  • Evaluation of the presented tender costings
  • Evaluation of program and Landscape company site management
  • Assurance of fixed costing as per drawings where possible
  • Challenge of potential variations
  • Project live visitation to support your dream, be a sounding board, support the landscape company throughout the build stage
  • Evaluation of presented invoices and their correctness across the program period
  • Final project handover


It’s time to enjoy, sit back, enjoy your investment and bring an unimaginable harmony to your very well earnt life. Every garden that Scenic Blue Design create and hold your hand through, gives us true fulfilment and a very comfortable smile of ‘we did well here’. Your garden is our canvas and without this canvas we would not be able to carry out our passion of Landscape Design and Architecture.


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