Tropical Garden Landscaping Sydney

The hidden beauty behind a tropical garden

We all have those desires of being on holiday abound by the elements that bring such enjoyable rest and relaxation. It would be easy to draw your mind to your last holiday all, be it in the tropical parts of Australia or on a not so distant tropical island we …

Outdoor Kitchen and Garden Landscape Design by Scenic Blue

To cook or not to cook

To cook or not to cook – outdoor entertaining and cooking a feast. More often than not we are asked to consider installing a BBQ within our designs. Let me just take 5 minutes of your time and apply a thought to BBQ’s, their look “I’m the BBQ’, their use …

Bringing sculpture in the garden | Landscape Design Sydney

Bringing the sculpture in gardening

A subject dear to our hearts but they must earn their place. Do not think that by just buying spontaneously you will achieve that Oh my gosh impact to the outdoor room. Chances are if you have not thoughts about the sculpture, its material, shape and finish, the relationship to …

Bringing warmth, romance and a longer stay in the garden | Landscape Design

Bringing warmth, romance and a longer stay in the garden

Oh, how the winter has come. Let us share with you a very enjoyable, relaxing and fun experience little of us enjoy in the winter months. As with all fires it generates a sense of snuggling, wrapping up, day or maybe night dreaming, chatting, sharing and embracement to your very …

Using Art in your garden design

Outdoor Art Effects

Let me take a few moments to chat about the subject of outdoor art and the balanced approach which helps you lean towards ‘Do I or don’t I’ When designing a new outdoor room, naturally we establish collectively in crude bullet point terms the all too well used expression ‘Wish …

Garden Design for Evening Enjoyment | Sydney

Why should the dark stop all outdoor fun?

Why should the dark stop all outdoor fun? What the heck am I talking about. Well one very important element when designing your garden is to consider how it will look, how it will be used, how it will be accessible and ultimately how will it be enjoyed at night. …