bringing sculpture in the garden


Bringing the sculpture in gardening

A subject dear to our hearts but they must earn their place. Do not think that by just buying spontaneously you will achieve that Oh my gosh impact to the outdoor room. Chances are if you have not thoughts about the sculpture, its material, shape and finish, the relationship to the garden and home and equally important the relationship to you the owner you will be pleased as punch when you buy it and then place it where ever only to find that it really isn’t doing what it should. Either by being overstated and removing the importance of the garden etc or be lost in its location so being a sad old sculpture constantly vying for attention.

bringing sculpture in the garden design sydney

Let’s bring the tempo up, because the amount of sculptures out there are truly breath-taking. But before we do that, hold the 2 key elements other than the points above. Cheap is not beautiful as typically such a sculpture within this category are made of materials not able to sustain long term exposure to our weather conditions. Secondly, why do you want a sculpture? If you do not just stop and consider this, you shall not necessarily give that final punch to the garden. It’s a little like having a beautiful picture to hang on the wall only to have a subservient frame fitted to it. There needs to be a connection, a marriage, a kinship.

Let me take you down the road of some of my favourite sculptures that I was fortunate enough to meet when he came over to Sydney and displayed is creations at Vaucluse Hose. A marvellous day and what a setting.

bringing sculpture in the garden design sydney 1

The ‘Mantle’. Inspiration taken from our planet earth as David says its intrigue lies in the tension between the wafer-thin crust and the golden interior – a metaphor for our eco-system. Constructed of hundreds of bronze petals linked in a cellular latticework of turquoise Verdigris. The inner side of the leaves are gilted providing the mantles interior with an ethereal glow. Breath taking at day and night.

Another one and it’s hard to choose on specific ones as again they must earn their place. Is the ‘Bite’. Always reminding me of my Dad and his passion for scrumping apples in the country. Sorry Dad dobbed you in. This piece is using the interplay of not only convex and concave curves but that of surfaces of different metals and textures / tones to generate excitement.

Why my Dad you may ask, well just like huge bites from an apple. The placement of this piece is critical as not only the shadows will impact its oozing shapes but the light reflectants off the stainless steel surfaces draw the viewer in and reflect the surroundings.

bringing sculpture in the garden design sydney 2

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