Bringing warmth romance and a longer stay in the garden


Bringing warmth, romance and a longer stay in the garden

Oh, how the winter has come. Let us share with you a very enjoyable, relaxing and fun experience little of us enjoy in the winter months. As with all fires it generates a sense of snuggling, wrapping up, day or maybe night dreaming, chatting, sharing and embracement to your very own piece of living asset – your garden. We are all too ready to close the doors, draw the curtains and whack the hot air on to warm the rooms of our home. Nothing wrong with that at all and guilty like the next person.

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But and there is a but, there is something so romantic about being out in the dark feeling the cold on our cheeks yet being warm in our heart from the heat given to us by a well thought out fire pit. Some of us can have a permanent setting for a fire pit where some of us cannot as the room where the pit is sited is a valuable asset during the summer months and needs to be used in a multi task manner.

That aside the pit generally made of steel can be of so many shapes, Low wide bowls that let the heat of the flame send a glowing effect around, catching the silhouettes of the friends you are sharing the time with. To containers that let the heat transfer through the steel and radiate its heat that way. With both the materials we are blessed with and the ability to laser cut, weld etc. etc. we can now have fire pits that with their flames generate a dancing picture dependant on the pattern shapes cut into the steel. It is such movement of the flame that generates that mesmerizing effect. Truly absorbing. My neighbour came to me showing of his own be-spoke fire pit and the effect of the flame to the emblem cut into the steel. I must admit it was just insane. So, your design is only as good as your imagination

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Now, and there is a now. Be very mindful of the location of the fire pit, the ability to move around the pit without finding you having to get to close, your pets, your home and your neighbour’s. Equally as important be very vigilant to the fire regulations, local rules to having and using a fire pit and the ability to extinguish the pit safely and completely when you retire to your home. The steel is very hot and can re-ignite the wood even though you thought it was out.

Just think this Saturday you could be sitting around a fire and having a very comfortable chat with family and friends. A great way to unwind after a hard week.

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