To cook or not to cook

To cook or not to cook – outdoor entertaining and cooking a feast

More often than not we are asked to consider installing a BBQ within our designs. Let me just take 5 minutes of your time and apply a thought to BBQ’s, their look “I’m the BBQ’, their use and placement.


Sure, fundamentally the BBQ is there to create amazing meals for all to share but I think they actually give far more than that if we are allowed to think about it.

I have this stereo typical vision of a member of family being given a plate of meat and going outside to cook up and stand out there thinking about life and how long until I turn it.

Sure, this is part of barbequing experience, but I think there is so much more to it.

My vision is to not only BBQ but at the same time attract people to be around you for a share, chat, sit and enjoy the company of all.

So, think about your BBQ giving you all of the below

  • The ability to cook up a variety of food types
  • The ability to use the flat surface as an area other than hot foods but for cold foods
  • The ability for your family and friends to literally sit at the BBQ sharing the experience – think of having bar stools placed on the other side of the BBQ
  • The ability to stop the chef having their back to you but be able to look at you while cooking – it’s all about placement of the BBQ
  • The ability for the unit to double up as a bar supporting ice coolers, cutting boards, sinks, fridges etc
  • The assurance that the investment is sustainable and an asset to your home


So how can this in principal be achieved:

  • Be realistic about your budget
  • Are you reliant on bottle gas or in line gas etc.
  • What do you like cooking. A client of ours enjoys cooking with the wok so the BBQ had to have within its body a wok burner that when not in use is covered giving more usable flat space
  • Design the BBQ at the same time when you are designing your outdoor room
  • Design the BBQ unit tailored to suit the requirements
  • Know what is on the market and the markets flexibility
  • Consider the visual aspect of the BBQ and it being a piece of furniture not ‘Oh there’s the BBQ’
  • Design the unit so it is not a stereo typical box but a unit with open space under making it look like it is partially floating
  • Design to support the materials used for the structure of the BBQ
    1. Stone, the same as your patio/path areas but of polished finish
    2. Polished concrete and the many ways you can mould this and bring a very real touchy-feely aspect to the finish by using imagination


Having designed and built be-spoke BBQ’s for many of my clients it is always a wonderful buzz to be invited to join the family for a cook up and see how the area is now a true entertaining area


Have fun and use your imagination with knowledge of success

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