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To cook or not to cook

We are often asked to include a BBQ within our landscape designs. After all, what is an Australian back garden without a BBQ? We completely understand this requirement and enjoy looking for unique ways to incorporate a BBQ for maximum impact and functionality. 

I’m sure you have seen this typical scenario, the designated cook is passed a tray of cold meat ready to slap on the BBQ. Whilst the meats cooks away, the cook is left there, largely in isolation and misses the interaction with their family and friends. This is unfortunate and with good landscape design, does not need to be the case.

If we put a little thought into how best to integrate the BBQ in your outdoor entertaining design, the results can be amazing. In some instances, we may want the BBQ to become a focal point for social interaction. It is after all a space that is full of dynamic energy and requires a significant amount of our time and attention during its use. So why not make it more enjoyable? 

Here are our top tips to consider when you start to plan your BBQ area: 

outdoor kitchen landscaping sydney

I’m sure our tips sound great? So here are some questions that will help you to form your ideal BBQ social area. 

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Having designed and built be-spoke BBQ’s for many of my clients it is always a wonderful buzz to be invited to join the family for a cook up and see how the area is now a true entertaining area.

Have fun and use your imagination with knowledge of success.

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