Setting the foundations

Benefits of Landscape Design

The importance of professional landscape design, particularly by a landscape architect, cannot be overstated. It sets the foundation for a successful project, ensuring that both the design and construction phases align seamlessly.

While some may underestimate the impact of landscape design, it plays a critical role in enhancing not only property value but also overall lifestyle. A well-designed outdoor space can significantly improve the quality of life for homeowners, offering a place of relaxation and enjoyment.

Design done right

Achieving The Most Out of Your Landscape Design

Our Design Process

Throughout the landscape design and construction process, it is essential to maintain a focus on detail and quality. This includes challenging proposed designs and ensuring that the level of detail in design documents reflects the desired outcome. The precision of these drawings often correlates with the final result, highlighting the importance of professional expertise.

Our meticulous landscape design process encompasses the conceptual design, construction detailing, sectional detailing, planting plan, lighting plan, irrigation plan, and materials specification. When the details are precise, it translates into accurate costing and deliverables, reducing the risk of variations and ensuring the fulfillment of deliverables, adherence to standards, warranty compliance, and adherence to programming schedules, among other factors.

The construction process

Choosing The Right Structural Landscape Company


Obtain a quote that is meticulously organised, thoughtfully structured and detailed. Seek written confirmation that the costing encompasses all the details outlined in the design documentation.

Program of works

Ensure you receive a well-thought-out program of works detailing the transformation process for your garden.

Structural competence

Verify who will handle the structural detailing and inquire about the inspection procedures conducted by an independent structural engineer.

Managing the works

Clarify who will serve as the primary point of contact for your garden or site. Determine whether this individual will be onsite or managing multiple sites simultaneously.


Consider the challenges faced by the structural landscaping company, such as access limitations, material off-loading, and storage constraints.


Schedule regular meetings with your site manager to stay informed and actively participate in the project.

Our Projects

Below is a selection of some of our landscape design projects. We encourage you to have a good look through our portfolio and let us know which of these designs resonate with you. We have included drawings, photos and video where possible to showcase our work and truly provide an insight into our process.


We look forward to assisting you with your next project.

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