Best homes – 2018

August 12, 2018


Reflecting the style of the home and its owners, this enchanting garden is a design triumph

A beautiful home with such character within. Quickly sitting down with my clients, it became very apparent that they needed to work with a company that was able to appreciate their wishes, appreciate the home and its story along with being able to bring a garden to their lives that ticked many boxes.

My clients work life was one of high demand and emotion so the need for a garden to enable them to stop, breath and just come down was paramount.

Their list was huge to say the least and with so many ‘I would likes’ we had to design a garden that enabled each aspect of the ‘I would like’ to fold seamlessly into each other including the orchid house.

We were also challenged by a garden that’s ground level fell back to the home so rather than just saying ‘well that the levels’ we chose to use the slope to our advantage and generate individual rooms within the entire space.

The way in which you flowed through the garden was so important. We chose to work with diagonals as much as was possible. Why? well this gave the sense of the garden being larger and by default causes you to slow down as you drift from room to room.

The final outcome is what can be enjoyed by the photos. Having now been able to enjoy the space in its physical form it was a pleasure to be sitting in one of our designs after all the construction was complete and be able to feel the designs emotion in its physical form as oppose the documented form. An honour to be part of this family’s life to help bring that harmony to their lives let alone an investment to the homes asset…

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