Step 1

Meet & Greet

From the beginning of the journey it is important to meet with my clients at their home or the land that they are seeking to have re-designed / developed. The meeting is informal but also carries poignant elements that need to be addressed and confirmed.
We will also show you the process that we will carry you through from beginning to end along with the level of detail we work to / the system of communication to help ensure everybody is at all times fully in the loop of the design journey.

Step 2


Following our meeting / get together we shall within say 3 days produce our proposal for your re-design along with a clear understanding of the construction documentation that shall be developed. This proposal will also contain indicative costings for the undertaking of the Project Design Management role or ‘Live Stage’. Upon receipt of your acceptance we shall send you a completed copy of the Master Questionnaire containing all the elements discussed and to be designed etc.

Step 3

Familiarisation Survey

This element is more about Chris returning to your home with the known brief and really start to evaluate your garden areas, your home and its placement on the land along with neighbouring aspects that may require the design to take account of and so much more. As Chris says “It’s my time to really feel the current setting and what it holds”.

Step 4

Sketch/Conceptual Design

We will then create to scale our thoughts of the design and its contents. This will be supported by as much helpful information like mood pictures, written emotion to let you really understand the design and its character. Upon agreement to the concept we shall generate a set of 3D imagery to really let you feel the project.

Step 5

Construction Detailing / Specification

Construction detailing shall be generated from this concept showing exactly how we are going to build the design and materials along with the system to manage drainage, lighting, irrigation, plantings again to make you really understand the project before it starts.

Step 6

3rd Party Involvement

If the project’s design creates the need to address structural engineering and / or council application we shall inform you of this, its costings for and carry you through this element of requirement.

Step 7

Project Cost Tendering

This is when we take our Design hat off and put on our Project Design Managers hat on. It involves inviting already vetted structural landscape companies to tender for your project based on a fixed cost proposal along with the knowledge of the project program, insurances, qualifications and welfare facilities for the project.

Step 8

Construction Detailing / Specification

The time for the fun – creating in its physical form your new garden. We shall be with you throughout the project’s live status, visiting your home on a known time frame from beginning to end checking the design intent and build, managing concerns, undertaking written meeting notes for all to agree to and move positively forward in the project as a team.

The project costing / invoicing shall also be passed through our team for your approval of direct settlement. As the project comes close to the end, finer detail measures are taken and recorded in the form of a snagging list. This is again to be transparent yet instructing of the elements to be finalised before project handover.

Our Projects

Below is a selection of some of our landscape design projects. We encourage you to have a good look through our portfolio and let us know which of these designs resonate with you. We have included drawings, photos and video where possible to showcase our work and truly provide an insight into our process.


We look forward to assisting you with your next project.

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