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We believe the quality of our projects and meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations is paramount. Below is a showcase of some recent creations. We encourage you to look around to see if any of these opportunities spark inspiration. Email, or give us a call to discuss how we can help you realise your vision.

Ashfield, Sydney NSW

Our client wanted to have a garden that enabled both individual enjoyment and enough space for large family gatherings. Their garden was also being used for fitness and to accommodate a private hobby of producing hybrid orchids. This hobby was a relaxing activity for our client to wind down with after a challenging days work.

Key challenges included:

  • Respecting the lands drainage runs and its inherent levels causing water penetration to old house foundations.
  • Connectivity with the internal rooms to that of the outer rooms.
  • Allow a balanced aspect of shade and sun whilst recognising there being a degree of sun intolerance within the home.

Woolooware, Sydney NSW​

We were tasked with designing a space to accommodate large spontaneous gatherings after a long day or days out on the sea. This family home needed to transform at a moments notice and welcome the crew to unwind, rejoice, brag or learn for the next race. This home was the gathering spot, and this was clear.

Key challenges included:

  • Multi functional space to be 'Home' and 'Party' friendly
  • Limited access to the backyard areas
  • Uneven finished floor height of the home and pool

Paddington, Sydney CBD

Our client wanted to a bring visual and physical connection of their homes internal and external rooms. The goal was to a sanctuary for intimate rest and relaxation along with family gatherings. Investing in the home needed to enable both physical enjoyment and also contribute to the asset strength when placed on the market for sale at a later date.

Key challenges included:

  • To find balance with our clients ‘I would like to have’ against a very small usable footprint.
  • Prevent the distinct ground levels from generating their own design supremacy.
  • Provide a sense of room within a small garden footprint.

Dolans Bay, NSW

The clients brief was to absorb the flavours of the new home and design a garden that gave cohesiveness to the home supporting various elements of pathways, the swimming pool, shade structures and green lush garden settings. Finally, the garden had to give the ability for the family to relax and enjoy with comparative privacy due to their busy working professions.

Key challenges included:

  • Build a garden that worked with the various level changes.
  • Allow the owner and visitor to feel embraced by the homes and gardens ambiance.
  • Provide a garden that didn’t make you feel like you had a another job at the weekend but also a garden that carried life through the plant stock.

Kellyville, Sydney NSW

This home was designed yes, but with no consideration of the land abound, the pool was designed yes but with no consideration of the land abound and so on.

We had to work with some very important assets and that being the home and the pool and the elements abound re-designed making the home, the pool and the garden carry the feel of it being designed by one person so bringing completeness and removing the sharper edges.

Key challenges included:

  • Adopting existing hard structures and their placement.
  • A triangulated piece of land.
  • Making the garden see larger than it is.​

Burraneer, Sydney NSW

As you entered the front gate you found yourself walking through the pathways watching more your footing than the garden abound. This was a beautiful home with beautiful distant views of the waters of Port Hacking but not such a beautiful garden setting. You could say the disharmony between the picture frame and the picture it supported.

Key challenges included:

  • Very poor access and challenging gradient changes.
  • Making every corner carry its own character and making sure the art work was balanced with its surroundings.
  • Respect the natural rock outcrops but not letting it dictate terms.

Illawong, Sydney NSW

The clients brief was simple if there is such a thing with this land terrain ‘I want my daughter to be able to get married and have her reception within the garden’. The next wish was ‘The wedding is in a few months’ time’. Wow, talk about a challenge!

Key challenges included:

  • Build a sustainable usable garden.
  • Allow the garden to be used as a wedding reception venue.
  • Physical movement of materials in and around the garden knowing of the gradient demons that just wanted to spoil the fun.

Erskineville, Sydney NSW

Our client waned to generate a sense of privacy and security and one of a multi-functional atmosphere to her side path. She wanted to not feel as-though she didn’t have to be inside because there was no outside.

Key challenges included:

  • Creating a design that pushed away the sense of busy due to the size and shape of the land.
  • A simple garden but one that required every inch of space to be thought about to ensure balance, shape and form.
  • The garden needed to support 3 dogs and a cat.

Oatley, Sydney NSW

A home that sat on land of approximately 1900m2 and of and with land contour changes of huge differences falling from front to back. The back drop garden consisted of an old patio, meandering steps and paths all the ways down to the water edge of the Georges River. Access to the rear garden was very challenging needing the thought of both craneage and barge involvement.

Key challenges included:

  • Access for the removal and bringing in of materials.
  • Structural integrity of the proposed deign and its bearing to sound land form ideally that of bed rock.
  • Retaining sensible privacy from neighbouring homes as you were very much up there and there for all to see.
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