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A Hidden Jewel

Our client wanted to a bring visual and physical connection of their homes internal and external rooms. The goal was to a sanctuary for intermate rest and relaxation along with family gatherings. Investing in the home needed to enable both physical enjoyment and also contribute to the asset strength when placed on the market for sale at a later date.


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The Back Story

A small home supporting 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garage and garden all sitting on approximately 174m2 of land. It was accessible via a narrow road with back to front parking at the best of times. 

The home had recently been purchased and was in need of a thorough freshening inside and out. This gave a strong advantage to helping ensure that the final homes style was conducive throughout thus bringing the concept of inside-out to play.

The Challenge

The challenges included:


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Walking through the lane ways of Paddington you would hardly imagine the garden nestled within the walls of a courtyard just off Oxford Street.

As you walk up the small front garden path of soft textured stone pathway, the main door opens allowing your eye to be drawn through the home to an outdoor room beyond. With fresh air circulating through the home courtesy of the bi-fold doors and windows this just heightens the home’s ambiance and its open-air room.

As the element of the garden becomes a little more apparent from your greetings you slowly stand within the opening of the bi-folds. Before you, is the glint of the shimmering glass tiles consuming the pool giving a sense of depth whilst offering inbuilt water massage loungers at either end. The air-entrained water across the surface of the pool / spa entraps your eye and leads you to a water wall creating white water. At the top of the waterfall sits one of the Trompe l’oeils to the garden. A bank of fire across the still black water emulating light and heat that can be seen equally from within as out. With the calm black water, the reflections are intensified further as the sun loses its strength and nightfall takes its place.

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Above it all

Our client knew the back of their garden was lost, unused and restrictive as a family gathering spot. It also didn’t take advantage of the distant views being that of the Georges River. A must see!
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This was a beautiful home with beautiful distant views of the waters of Port Hacking but not such a beautiful garden setting. You could say the disharmony in the design.
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A Garden Path

Our client waned to generate a sense of privacy and security and one of a multi-functional atmosphere to her side path. She wanted to not feel as-though she didn’t have to be inside.
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